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Not a command prompt/processor (i.e. The mouse wheel scroll doesn't transfer to terminal applications by default. Size 7 MB. It is a fork of Console project. ConEmu is not a shell, so it does not provide "shell features" likeremote access, tab-completion, command history and others.ConEmu is an advanced console window where you can run any shell of your choice.However, some of these features have been placed in the RoadMap.You may also try Clink for bash-style completion in cmd.exeand PSReadLineor PowerTabin powershell.exe. Windows Terminal. ConEmu Documentation Table of Contents: About, Installation, Terms, Launch apps, Settings, Features, etc. In my tests if ConEmu takes one unit of time, Terminus and Windows Terminal will be 0.6, FluentTerminal 0.35, Alacritty 0.3. A free and open-source tabbed terminal emulator for Windows.It aims to be handy, comprehensive, fast and reliable terminal window where you may host any console application developed either for WinAPI (cmd, powershell, far) or Unix PTY (cygwin, msys, wsl bash). Few examples: cmd.exe, powershell.exe, sh.exe, dism.exe, java.exe (but not javaw.exe), python.exe, telnet.exe and so on. Even ConEmu's own home page says "ConEmu-Maximus5 is a Windows console emulator..." and "ConEmu is not a shell, so it does not provide "shell features" like remote access, tab-completion, command history and others. But now, clicking on the icon, the window opens and immediately, in half a second, closes. I just saw this on Reddit the other day, and saw a bunch of mixed reviews on it. The most popular Windows alternative is ConEmu, which is both free and Open Source. I really do not understand a lot of the settings. Actually the best use for ConEmu is running Ubuntu bash there, since bash is using the same terminal emulator than cmd.exe (conhost.exe). Posted by 2 years ago. Console Applications . For example I could have a single ConEmu terminal open, split into 3 panes and then have 2 more terminals off to the side and ConEmu will take my i5 3.2ghz quadcore CPU from 2% usage to 30-35%. The user can also set up a startup directory for each tab and run each tab as a specific user or rights. Trying to claim that CMD.EXE is somehow responsible for the Win32 console UI while at the same time claiming it hasn't been updated since it was "conceived" as an MS-DOS application doesn't even make logical sense. It is a fork of Console project. The windows terminal program is so bad that I boot up an X server just to use one suited for the task. CMD loads faster and consumes less memory. ConEmu may set up itself as default terminal. ConEmu; Azure Cognitive Search; Starship (Shell Prompt) What tools integrate with Windows Terminal? GNOME Terminal - Terminal emulator for GNOME. It's so much better than the Electron based alternatives. ConEmu allows the user to create tabs (Win+W by default) for separate instances of the terminal window, allowing them to have both multiple shells and multiple instances of the same shell open. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. iTerm2 is not available for Windows but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Windows with similar functionality. console app will starts in new ConEmu tab. I'm not talking about PowerShell, which many agree is crazy powerful, but rather the Terminal itself. Use custom console for Visual Studio console application debugging I’m running Windows 10 Pro 18.09 (stable) and the latest ConEmu but for some reason it consumes a lot of CPU usage. Titlebar button (hidden by default settings, see below) To overwrite default Command Prompt (p… Nah. I just discovered PowerShell recently (I know, big moron, oh well). Terminals. shell) but a host for such applications. ConEmu supports searching in all text that has been printed or entered in the console history. However, as up on the helpful utilities I may be, I must be pretty stupid. ConsoleZ - Windows console window enhancement. Command-line interpreters. And as others have mentioned, conhost has gotten significant updates with Windows 10 that remove most of the keyboard shortcut issues. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Cmd.exe is the world worst software. Console application is a specially compiled windows executable which is working with in/out streams and (usually) do not have any graphical interface. Cmder is a better version built on con emu. The most important reason people chose ConEmu is: You can configure a plethora of settings, including shortcuts and aesthetics (background image, transparency, colors, and fonts) per software. If you have a console process that outputs a lot, ConEmu will be the slowest option. ConEmu allows pinning commands to Jump Lists (available in Windows 7 & 8; accessed by right-clicking the application in the taskbar), giving you quick access to common tasks and configurations. I've been going thru posts on reddit, and Hyper has been getting a lot of hate. File explorer context menu: 1. ConEmu is definitely a step up in terms of features though. FluentTerminal - A Terminal Emulator based on UWP and web technologies. Far better than any third party solution since it integrates into powershell directly and includes debugging support -- not that you should really need it unless you're writing a large script. It doesn't seem like that much of a problem, there are literally tens of suitable terminal programs on Linux that work great, why can't one of the biggest software companies in the world make a terminal program that works properly? Updated on September 24th, 2019 in #dev-environment . ConEmu isn't a replacement for cmd or Powershell, it's a replacement for the console host. Hotkeys allow the user to easily trigger an action and can be configured to their liking. Also, due to deep integration, ConEmu is the best companion for Far Manager, my favorite shell replacement. This freeware open-source terminal application allows you to open multiple console Windows in tabs.

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