About Sprint Report for Stakeholders

Sprint Report for Stakeholders is a tool to help you align expectations and build trust with your stakeholders. It will take the hard work out of reporting the results of your team’s Sprint by producing a well-crafted Sprint Report including the most relevant information for stakeholders, leaving them with a sense of confidence in you and your Scrum team.

Sprint Report for Stakeholders does this by reading your Sprint information and producing a report in Confluence allowing you to easily customize what’s presented, capture feedback during your Sprint Review, and share the report following the Sprint Review session.

Getting Started

01 Start using the tool

Start using the tool by clicking on ‘Sprint Report for Stakeholders’ in the left panel.

02 Select a Sprint

Select a Sprint using the dropdown menu.

03 Preview the information

Preview the information that will be included in the report.

04 Click “Export Report”

Click “Export Report” in the top right corner, and click on the “Connect to Confluence” button under “Step 1”.

05 Select your Confluence site

Select your Confluence site from the drop down, and click “Accept” to allow ‘Sprint Report for Stakeholders’ to export reports to this instance.

06 Close the window

After accepting, close the window and click on “Click here after authorisation”.

07 Click “Share now”

Finally, select a space to export to and click “Share Now”.

08 Click on the link to view report

And… tada! Click on the link to view your Sprint Report for Stakeholders!.

09 Edit the report in Confluence

From here you can edit the report in Confluence prior to your Sprint Review session, add comments and feedback during the session, and finally share the report following the session to make sure everyone is aligned with what was discussed.

We’re here to help!

Have questions or need support? You can contact the team at AxisAgile Apps here.